Femmes fatales ruled the night, or the rocks, luring men to their death or destruction. They wore satin, ankle chains, or an ape costume (pay attention, this comes back...) They were aloof, and seemed horny.  Stuck in a men's world they took care of them selves by pinning some poor schmuck against another. Why? I want money, power, glory as Lana sings.

The femme fatale was a creation. Through her men voiced their fears. The fear of losing themselves and all they had worked for to one women. One crazy, beautiful, and catastrophic woman. Put the blame on mame, boys.

Through the years she became more independent, sometimes she was a lesbian (in the nineties of course, (can't watch an episode of Friends without lesbians being mentioned!))  but still not much had changed. She was beautiful, dangerous, poisonous and not real.

Now, things are starting to come together for what once was a stock character. She can still be a demon, and as cold hearted, cruel and calculated as any man. But she is no longer a fever dream, not longer one sided. She is freer than ever.
 Think Amy in Gone Girl, with her brilliant Cool girl speech, killing every male dream girl fantasy in one big swoop. Think Alison in the Affair, one moment a Femme fatale, the other a poor girl who lost her son. Think of Elizabeth in the Americans, the master seductress, the coldest b ever, but she does it for her country and tries to share the rack and ruin that she brings with her husband and daughter. (Henry is a much better spy, will they ever realize?)
The Femme fatale now can be of any age, any color, they may have very different reasons for their deviant behavior.
The femme fatale came into her own.

So for the weekly poll, who was the baddest, coldest, most surprising FF of them all this week?

My choice is Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queens. " Cause this.


'You're awful in bed. Are you aware.' Shudders. ' Just the worst.'
Chad: ' I'm in love with you.'
' Of course, 'cause that's the only way this situation could be any worse.'

You could debate if Cookie in Empire is a femme fatale, but she did descend in a gorilla costume in a homage to Marlene Dietrich in  Blonde Venus, so go Cookie!


Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe in Blindspot tried to look innocent, batting her Bambi eyes, while modestly trying to cover her body covered in tats. But, girl knows Chinese, Kung Fu and is convincing a FBI agent to risk his life. Maybe she has a heart of gold, maybe she is an American hero, maybe...We'll see.


Viola Davis gloriously won her Emmy for playing an extremely intelligent, well adjusted, powerful, vulnerable women who still as deadly as can be.


and Lana dropped Honeymoon and her pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola. Come and get it guys!


Who was this weeks ultimate Femme Fatale?

Jamie Lee Curtis ad blackmailing dean in Scream Queens
Cookie! Cookie!
Jane Doe in Blindspot, I dig her tats
Viola Davis, what a speech!
Come on, Pepsi Cola, Lana all the way
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