The Affair Episode 204 Recap; Your hair!!

Jimmy Mc Nulty, Hector Salamanca, The affair Noah and Dad

First of all: Hector Tio Salamanca as Jimmy McNulty's dad! I need to sit down, feeling really dizzy. Hector is watching tv. Where's the bell? Where did he hide it? Cause Noah and his dad, not a good team. But Noah left the room with his face intact. But not much else. 'Tell Helen I'm sorry.' says dad. That statement could recap the whole episode. Because this is the one. The one episode where everybody, that kept shouting to the screen: whattabout your four kids, you idiot? Whattabout the wife? gets to say they were right.

Now, I am not team Helen, not at all. She should have defended Noah from those awful parents, long long ago. But she is what she is. And entitled, aging, Chanel. Uhm what? Let's face it, when Helen, stoned out of her head, is sitting in the hairdresser chair, getting her hair highlighted, confessing to having just farted out of her vagina, she could enroll in Kappa Kappa Tau and go unnoticed for weeks. Helen  probably was sorority girl. In College, where her friend, and lover, and ex-lover (?), Max first noticed her. This angel, he says. The girl that will never be good enough for him.
Max comes after Helen's and Noah's first court hearing for the divorce (more on that later) with flowers, tickets, a big jaw and enormous chest. What does she do, when he confesses to giving Noah 50grand? She ditches him. So she becomes the girl for whom nobody is good enough. Nobody can make you happy. Helen puts on some Lucinda Williams and we get the singing, getting drunk scene that so many dudes did before ( Denzel Washington in that pilot movie on the top of my head.)
Lots of booze and an edible and Helen' shit day is only bound go get worse. At the hairdresser she gets the call from her kids. She was supposed to pick them up.

This wasn't a very suspenseful episode but I almost couldn't take the tension of Helen walking around the rest of the time with her foils still in. I know every women watching was screaming with me at the screen: Your hair!!!
But Helen was grabbing her chance of fucking up. While her kids were in the car, one without a seat belt, she bumped against another car. Remember how Cole also did this? This episode was very much like the one where we saw the havoc that the affair played on Cole's life. One difference, Cole met his future wife. Helen ended up in the back of a police car, giving Noah enough fodder to challenge her, and take full custody.

People, it's always the same. Wrestle for the kids, the moment divorce strikes.We start this episode, in Helen and Noah's version, in court, where the judge has to decide, where the kids will live. In Helen's version Noah suddenly wants half of her money. In Noah's version the judge imposes a junction so Alison can't be near the kids.' Can the judge do that?' Alison asks. That is a good question. Did he really do that? It wasn't in Helen's version, and there you would really expect it.
Is it Noah that is having second thoughts, does he want to be in the city, leaving Alison up at the lake house?
In his version Alison is proactive about looking for apartments in the city. She found one that she loves. But Noah brings her the bad news.
Seeing that the lawyer that Helen hires in the future is the same that defends Noah now, it becomes a little bit more clear, why Alison despises him.

Noah gets the call, Helen has been arrested. He picks the kids up. Goes to their brownstone, the lovely one in Park Slope, as the judge who heated rich people said ( Helen's version) and sees the destruction after Helen's booze fest. It looks a lot like she had sex with Max. There are two glasses in her bedroom. Clothes everywhere, the bed in disarray. So did Helen lie, did she and Max not break up, or did she forget to mention they had sex first?
Noah decides to bring the kids to his sister ( Jennifer Esposito=great!) And there with his father in the house, Noah regresses and has one of his childish tantrums when his sister says that maybe fighting Helen for custody isn't the best thing for the kids. Also having Alison around also isn't the best idea.
' But I love her!'  He whines. Esposito gives the best line of the ep: ' Well I love Brad Pitt, but I don't get to live with him!
Noah storms away, heads to a motel in Jersey, where his oldest crumbles on the floor of the bathroom with severe cramps. Noah is useless, he even answers the phone when Alison calls. Alison, of course with her history, immediately suggest that Noah take him to the hospital.
But all passes ( literally) and when Noah is in bed, all kids asleep, he calls Alison back. Suddenly she is there, outside, with a six-pack. Too good to be true? We will see next week.
In the future, Noah doesn't get to change the venue of his trial. It is bound to proceed, four months later. In Montauk, where it all began.

Ps Margaret nice hair color . I told you about the foils Helen!