What book to pack on your next flight?

Fear of flying
I used to love flying. But in my twenties ( and I blame pot) I started to be anxious on airplanes.  If you define being anxious by staring into space, with a deafening drumbeat in your ears, and no capacity at all to understand anything going on around you. So I was always drunk when flying. You make a lot of interesting friends that way, the bad thing is... Well I don't see a downside, as long as you are civil. And I am a very civil drunk. Cracking myself up now.
Anyway, I stopped drinking, and started reading up on the science of flight and that saved me. I still don't like flying, but I am now rational about it. Fine. Chill. But on long flights I can't sleep. Of course. So I have to watch movies from to takeoff to descent, and let me tell you, I hate that hour before landing they shut down the entertainment. Please let me cling to it. Please let me watch my iPad then...Please. What you don't serve alcohol anymore? What!

What to bring on your flight

Where am I going with this? I guess I start rambling when I think about flying. I am getting there. In normal life, when I am on the ground, I love the rush of adrenaline that fear can give. Mind you, I am not a daredevil. But let's say I have to give a reading, speak in front of a crowd, I love to use that energy, pour it in the speech, give it some spice. Most of the times I am very relaxed, so some stress hormones can be useful to me. That got me thinking, that feeling I have on a plane. I can use it. No, I not to stand up, sing a song, tell a joke. Next time I can bring all my thrillers with me, and try to trick myself in believing the book makes me feel like passing out.

The kind worth killing review

With The kind worth killing I wouldn't have to pretend. This book is compulsive. And even though its a perfect read for your next flight, it would be too much for me. (Look at the cover, this book is made for reading on a plane.)
The two main characters , Lily and Ted, meet in the lounge at Heathrow, both flying back to Boston and while on that flight make a plan to kill Ted's wife who is cheating on him. Lily is a real piece of work, but Ted's wife Miranda is no sweetheart either. If you don't suffer from fear of flying this thriller is so chilling and gripping that even the worse turbulence won't distract you. It's constructed as well as the plane you would be sitting in. Pete Swanson is a skilled writer. Its not often that a page turner contains beautiful language. It's well dosed, most of the prose is fast and invisible, easy to digest, but than wham, it hits you like an air pocket ( don't worry, those don't really exist).
The only downside in The kind worth killing is that these are some truly depraved people. On the scale of Olivier to Annalise in HTGAWM, think the Underwoods in HOC. So if you don't like not being able to sympathize with the characters, this is not for you. For everybody else, if you have time, you' ll finish it in one go.
Safe travels, and a great weekend everyone.