Put it in your calendar: The best Summer TV Part 1

The best tv shows summer 2016, Unreal


Comic book fans can barely hold it together for the premiere of this show based on the groundbreaking comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. For the rest of us, as they say, the less you know the better. The NYTimes calls it a metaphysical action caper, stylized and spluttery. The first reviews are good, several critics saying it deserves to become as big as The Walking Dead. I don't think lots of shows can be as big as that, but the more shows in de Dead's league the better.

Starts this Sunday 22 May ON AMC And Amazon Prime


If you haven't seen season one, it is a a quintessential summer show, as cheesy as it is scary, never overly dramatic, but gripping in an entertaining way. Again a show that works best, when watching it uninformed. With Jason Patrick taking the lead from Matt Dillon the second season of the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series will put the focus on the First Generation having taken over the helm, and gives us much more 'abbies'' action. Hearing that gives me The 100 vibes, but without Matt ( and my beloved Clarke) how will it stack up against it? ( There's a Wayward Pines Season One marathon in the US on FX) 

Starts 25 May on FOX


The main question I had about season 2 of Bloodline was: How they hell are they going to deal with the best actor not being there? But Ben Medelsohn is returning. The reviews are great, the trailer rocks. The Rayburn's trying to dig themselves out of Danny's problems seem to have landed them in quicksand, going down slowly but surely in this paranoia drenched thriller.
Can't wait for this one!

27 May on Netflix


First of all, The new series of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will premiere on Facebook Live this Friday, before the network's. It has already been renewed for a second season. It's about a guy (played by Patrick Fugit, the boy from Almost Famous) who has been plagued by demonic possessions. Those are really coming back in style ( see The Exorcist remake, Preacher and hell why not, Ghostbusters...)

3 June on Cinemax


Not a mystery, horror of action show, but one hell of a thrilling ride. Sarcastic, fresh, obnoxious, and fluffy, UnREAL is one of the great shows of 2015. Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer are my favorite duo now that I can't have Walt and Jesse (with Saul and Kim close seconds)
If you haven't watched Season one,  do yourself a favor. Where a show as House of Cards makes manipulating people morose  (why do the all have to taaaaalk soooo slow) UnReal makes it zingy, distasteful fun. They certainly get away with shit, that only men would in real life. 
The behind the scenes tale of a Bachelor like show will have a black mr Right this season. Oh you know they are going to go there...

6 June on Lifetime


The Michael Bay produced show could have lost steam after one season, but is going even bigger this third season. It's such a reassuring show, even if the world population is being decimated by a nasty virus, you know all is going to end well as long as we follow captain Chandeler (Eric Dane) and his USS Nathan crew. That is why I am not buying that the victim of last year cliffhanger ending (nobody complained!) is going to stay down for long.

 "When we come back in season three, we'll be coming back to very much a work in progress with lots of problems and, of course, new enemies and new issues, new complications and all those things," show runner hank Steinberg said. All those things, I love this quote, describes this show perfectly.

12 June on TNT


I just have one request, less Rusty please.

13 June on TNT


Another broody family drama based on the 2010 Australian movie. Scott Speedman and Elen Barkin star and that is enough for me. 

14 June on TNT


Is it the final season? That is as much a mystery as what the hell is going on with this Drake clan. Jenna returns, and Hanna is a goner.  Just kidding, or not? Anyway Tic Tock Bitches.

21 June on Freeform