THE OA Episode one: Love & Hate recap

It's a show, you either love or hate. Are things that simple? If they are a simple experiment should suffice. 

Let's start. THE OA, Episode one...
Britt Marling The OA Prarie, episode one recap


-Herschel! Ok, I'm in.

-Prairie arriving home, throwing a blanket over her head to shield herself from the paparazzi, entering her house looking like a ghost.

-The house is filled with flowers, still wrapped in plastic. Suffocating, as the watertank in later scenes, and the car going under water in the crucial part of this episode.

-" We all died more times that we could count." Who is we? "I was trying to get back to them." says Prairie when trying to explain why she jumped off the bridge. Is it a coincidence her jumping of a bridge, and the bus crashing and falling from a bridge later? Is Prarie trying to get back to that moment?

-Prarie fids a tupperware box full off sharp objects, touches a boxcutter. Why are the knives hidden? Where they already hidden, or is this a recent precaution? 

-Prairie filming the Barbies,  perfectly capturing that eerie sense of loss, that world within a world. The open doors...

-Steve climbs into Prairie's room and tries to convince her to help him, with the whole Strangers on the train premise. It never gets old, Hitchcock, and the bully asking for help and teaming up with Prairie  gives me a hopeful feeling and corrects the bleak way he was introduced.

-Prairie on the back of Steve's bike. That is and will always be a cool image .

-Prairie and Steve go shopping. Steve making faces at her choices, and then this gem: ' You should get an adult hairdo.' Parie pushes her hair behind her ears.

-"Unfortunately we will need five. " Footsteps on the stairs, and with a little misdirection, making us think Steve's hookup is the fifth person, mrs Broderick-Allen enters and says: ' I left my front door open.' 

-The opening credits appearing only now, the screen going snow-white, and we are off with the  Russian story. This is awesome!

-Prairie's lila dress against the dried grasses and the icy lake.


-Steve and his girlfriend having sex in front of the window. Really? They don't care if somebody sees them? That's just weird.

 -I liked the beginning of the death sequence. But the woman talking to Prarie (Kathun) and giving her a choice to live or die was too much of a patchouli smelling fairytale cliche reeking of fakery and misplaced belief. 

Episode one is going strong, and why in the hell do they have to keep the front door open?