This is what I watched and listened to this week:

This list is as ombré as it gets, very dark roots and super bleached tips.

 The white helmets

Let's start with the darkness, The white helmets are the Syria Civil Defense, a group of volunteers that rush towards hell, sites that just have been bombed, in effort to rescue civilians. It just won the Oscar for best short documentary, it's on Netflix, it's 40 minutes, an empathy quickie that everybody could use.  I have to admit that watching it on the tube with people peering over my shoulder felt weird, the camera man Khaled Khatib has maximum access, being part of the rescue team, and the images when they run towards the bombings and start digging, are disturbing.
The white helmets can be quite controversial, just google it and you will see, here is an article explaining the controversy, and it isn't difficult to see why also this documentary received a bit of backlash online, seeing that Russian air strikes are named as the villain. 
There is more to the documentary here than politics or heroics, it is quite interesting to observe these men, trying to understand how they cope seeing atrocities day in day out. Why aren't they ravaged by PTSD? It all seems so hopeless, but in their sense of community and responsibility they find hope. Whatever you think this war is about, or what we should do about it, and who they are, this is encouraging. 

Get Out Jordan Peele Podcasts: The Nerdist and Still Processing

I want to see Get Out so bad, I'm certain it will be my first favorite movie of 2017. First I am so glad Alison Williams got her first meaty role, I know #criticsowhite, but after all the success Adam Driver has, it's time for the Allison, Jemima and Zosia to break out outside of Girls
Listening to both podcasts wasn't overkill, Still Processing with Wesley Morris & Jenna Wortham delves in the racial issues and I liked hearing the solidarity of their common experiences. Chris and Jordan after an initial awkward start, when they discuss the same issues, start having fun when they name their favorite horror movies, dissect Ghostbusters, and make fun of Kubrick. In both Jordan discusses his love for the social thriller, he is very generous giving due to the works that inspired him, and I can listen to Barack Obama talk about Stepford wives, Rosemary's baby and Stephen King all day. (Have you seen, his bro Keegan-Michael Key Don't think twice, where an Obama inpersonation is the main plot point? Such a nice, heartfelt, funny movie.) Anyway Get out, hurry up and come to the UK. 

The arrangement 

And for our moment of fluff, somebody took the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tale, and used  it as starting point to bring back Michael Vartan, as a David Miscavige clone, oh I'm in!
The arrangement finds struggling waitress, Megan who has to serve entitled assholes, and finds out her boyfriend cheated, going to an audition with one of the biggest stars Kyle West (Josh Henderson), and getting a proposal out of it. Marry Kyle, get 10 million, Cruise around on his bike, and go to the Venice Film Festival. 
Cinderella goes to the cult. 
Christine Evangelista, who was intriguing as Sherry on the The Walking Dead is the right choice for Megan, she makes a colossal stupid mistake without seeming vapid (it must be a talent, cause Sherry on TWD also doesn't make sound decisions, starting with getting on the back of that bike!)
It's the cheesy tale of a fake celeb relationship, that could have easily gone sugar rush, but it's done au naturel, with an easy going vibe. Going to keep watching this one.

So Walker Stalker, tomorrow! More next week, have a great one!