TOP TV of 2017 The funniest shows

Well the funniest TV shows of the year that are not comedies. ( if so The Good Place, Glow and Silicon Valley were my favorites).

Top Tv shows of 2017: Funniest shows

Humor is crucial in horror, (Get Out!), or in thrillers and action movies, (Baby Driver!!). You need humor to release tension and offset violence.  I just saw Atomic Blonde and I hated it; pretentious, empty, with horrible acting and a non-existent plot, but I could have been totally down with that. Unforgivable was the lack of laughs.
The trailer gave Charlize searing deadpan lines, but once you'd seen the movie you realize she talks like that ALL THE TIME, no variation at all, so the the jokes fall flat. A cheesy movie should be at least be self aware, revel in its ridiculous silliness like John Wick, or at least Charlize should have flashed a delicious, shit eating grin like Angelina did in Wanted, two movies I think Atomic Blonde aspired to be, and failed.

Moving on to TV, what did make me laugh this year? Dry absurdism, a satire about dicks, and the best one-liner of the year. In no particular order, here are the funniest TV show that weren't comedies.

The patriot
I don't even know where to begin with this one. It's such a strange show. Well Lost’s Terry O’Quinn and That ‘70s Show’s Kurtwood Smithis are it, always a plus. It's about a spy named John who has to infiltrate  a corporate office in Milwaukee, I couldn't really tell you why, just kidding, so he can travel to Belgium where he conducts his spy business thwarting Iran's nuclear ambitions while giving presentations about industrial piping. How do you come up with this stuff?
The humor is immensely dry, dryer than Bond's Martini. It has some Anderson flimsy thrown in, and John played by Michael Dornan is laconic, sad, and hilarious. There's a priceless running gag involving a colleague John had to push in front of a bus to get the job (literally), the poor guy has brain damage from the 'accident' and still John still keeps messing with him. It's not for everybody, it got some bad reviews, but if you like your shows eccentric and weird, it will make you smile.
Oh, and as a hobby John sings highly confessional folk songs, enjoy:

The Defenders

Netflix Marvel's heroes are a sad bunch; Matt is struggling with his faith and conscience, Luke feels the burden of a whole neighborhood on his Herculean shoulders, Jessica is a rape victim with PTSD and a serious drinking problem and Danny lost his parents, and is just so serious about his chi. But throw the four of them together and finally it's acknowledged that they are weird. The tone is lighter, there's more than enough material for Jessica zingers- Danny being the brunt of most jokes, Cage releases the charm and even Matt finally cracks a smile.

American Vandal

If you like The patriot you will like this show and vices. It also reminded me of Search Party. American Vandal relies on the same deadpan earnestness. A mock documentary following in Serial's True Crime footsteps to answer a very import question: Who drew 27 dicks on the faculty members' cars?
American Vandal is shot by high school buddies Peter and Sam who try to find out, once and for all, if high school screw up Dylan Maxwell is guilty or not? Everybody is already convinced Dylan tagged the cars and he is facing a permanent suspension, his very shaky future hanging in the balance. Brandon is a doofus, who is known to draw dicks everywhere, but this time, somebody added ball hairs-clue number one.
With all the talks of male genitalia flying around this season, I think the makers of TWD should take a look at American Vandal,  because as silly as this show sounds it is very well done, convincingly acted, and maddeningly addictive.

Better Call Saul

Uh Uh, it is getting a whole less funny in here, isn't it. When Saul first showed up in his own show, coming from being the light in the Breaking Bad universe, he was up to his usual shenanigans, in Season three Saul himself hasn't changed much, but everything around him has. It's an hell of a trick, Saul is chugging along, but the stakes got higher, people are getting hurt, especially the same old sweet ladies Saul could charm so well, and all these tricks and cons and make Chuck go bananas. Even if Chuck brought his downfall upon himself, being a pompous ass, and a hypochondriac, his fate, and especially the effect it will have on Saul is heartbreaking. Humour is the axis on which Better Call Saul turns, everything Saul touches is comedic gold, but like gold it turned cold this time, chilling even.

Orange is the New Black

Damn you, OITNB for making me root for Brandy, Sankey and Helen, the whole egg white supremacist clique, but at the end of the season when resisted the assault on the prison I was squarely on their side, 'cause those chicks are funny. Carmen and Ramona as overeager guards and Red and Blanca high on speed killed it too.

Twin Peaks The return.

The price for best one-liner of the year goes to goes Mr Lynch himself.
'He's dead.' Nuff said.