Riverdale: Women are more dangerous than shotguns

Victoria Lodge Riverdale season two, finale.

We have a lot to look forward to in next week's Riverdale's musical episode if we take Cheryl and her Carrie quote on her word, and I'm sure the plot will halt a bit for this one episode. But we are heading towards the finale and as always Riverdale hinted at terrible consequences of Archie's Devil's Advocate shenanigans.
While we run with bikers, await a heated election for town mayor, and Cheryl seems to live an Alfred Hitchcock/Rebecca/Gaslight kind of existence, it's Archie story that has dominated the show lately.
Before, we got a Vito Corleone vibe off Hiram, but the last episode Archie stepped into Micheal Corleone shoes.
Two of Hiram's associates moved in on the family so they were no longer 'protected.' And Archie, like Micheal Corleone, stepped in. I half expected him to head to the bathroom when the two mobsters were enjoying their dinner and come back with a gun, but instead, he chooses to blow up their car and threaten them with his Black Hood-lums.
Later Hiram rewarded him with his very own set of wheels. It was Veronica who put the key in the ignition, and for a split second Riverdale made me believe the impossible. A fiery end for Veronica.
In The Godfather Micheal Corleone is a nice young man, the only hope of the Corleone family to go legit, but Michael chooses another path when he volunteers to be the executioner of an untouchable and kills this cop. After the hit he is forced to hide in Sicily, disguising himself as a simple paysan. One day on a walk, with the gorgeous Sicilian landscape as the backdrop, he sees a group of girls. One of them is called Appolonia, and lightning strikes Michael. His friend inquires for him at the local shop about his girl, and low and behold, they are talking to her father. Who at first gets angry, but when Micheal offers up his identity and honorable intentions, lets him meet his daughter. Before we know it they get married and are happy and giddy.
But we all know Michael is not married to Appolonia, but to Kate. But he loved Appolonia. He would never have left her.
He teaches Appolonia to drive, and one day she gets in the car, turns the ignition, and blows up. After her death, Micheal is forever hardened.
Now I'm not saying I really fear for Veronica, but the Godfather-like scenes keep coming: we had Hiram in chiaroscuro giving advice, imitating Vito,  the spaghetti dinner, 'protected', and the almost car bomb scene, and we have this boy who should have taken the righteous path. Will he end up like Michael the biggest Godfather of all? Capo di tutti i capi? And the unhappiest? And who's going to swim with the fishes in that famous Riverdale lake?