Growing up in Hollywood and Hollywood growing up

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Hollywood Daze is finally out. I am sitting here, writing this, pretending my massive cup of coffee is champagne, cheers!

First thing first: I like to write about characters, who are free, sometimes misguided and unapologetic. Now mind you, I hate cruelty IRL, in every shape and form. But I want my characters to make mistakes, big ones.
It's not for everyone. But writing a book about Hollywood, I wanted the girls to be blunt, funny, raunchy, selfish and weird. Especially in a culture, as we've seen, where girls and women have been told how to behave and pressured to get along.
Hollywood Daze puts the power firmly in the hands of a teenage girl.

I would love for you to check out Hollywood Daze get a free sample, Look Inside, see if it's up your alley...