5 new thrillers to read over the holidays, and the winner of the Michael Connelly giveaway

First of all, thank you for participating in the Michael Connelly giveaway, I can't wait to read it myself. The winner is Marie Pinardo, congrats!
I hope you stick around; we have lots more Dark Thrills coming next year...
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We are almost at the end of the year, so before we get to our "Best of 2018 lists", let's see which thrillers will hit the shelves this month. I am excited about the new Tami Hoag one...

Watching You by Lisa Jewel 

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The Kindle version came out this summer, but if you missed it, the paperback version of this page turner is on its way. I've written a bit about thrillers that use the different POV lately. It can be hit or miss. This story about a murder on a posh street in Bristol, in the UK, uses such a device to explore the character of Tom Fitzwilliam a headmaster who gets hired to overhaul a failing school; he is a major flirt who proceeds to charm everyone he meets. Well, maybe not everyone. Every character puts another spin on Tom, raising suspicion about his intentions. It reminds me a lot of the Gone Girl bait and switches where every chapter cast another light on its main characters. This is a good one if you adore to figure out what the final twist will be.

Rapid Falls by Amber Cowie

A debut which is amassing great advance reviews. It's about two sisters with a twisted past. Anna just got out of prison and is an addict; Cara, the other always has to bail her out. Cara's boyfriend died in a car accident in 1997; her sister Anna was the one driving. You can imagine how twisted this atmospheric page-turner will get. Be aware this uses alternate timelines, but if you love thrillers like The Dry, this will be a great one for you.

The Boy by Tami Hoag

This one sounds intriguing. It's set in Louisiana and starts with a horrifying crime scene; a seven-year-old boy has been murdered. The only witness, his mother, has been left alive. Soon after the boy's babysitter goes missing. Detective Nick Fourcade and his wife Detective Annie Broussard, have to figure out how a murderer would leave no trace, but a witness. While the town goes son high alert, the suspicion starts to point to the grieving mother herself. Oh, I'm in. 

Verity by Colleen Hoover

This has all the romance thriller fans on Goodreads scream in excitement. Or at least that is what the avalanche of GIFS suggests.  From the NYT bestsellers author, this is a standalone novel. Struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh is hired by Jeremy Crawford, husband of best-selling author Verity Crawford. His wife suffered an injury and is unable to finish the manuscript. 
But instead of doing her job, Laura finds an unfinished autobiography, revealing all kinds of secrets about the ailing wife, including the truth about their daughter's death. 
When Laura starts to fall for Jeremy,  the autobiography, she intended to keep hidden, burns in her hands...

My sister the Serial Killer by  Oyinkan Braithwaite

For the literary thriller category: The dark comedian novel is set in Nigeria, As Rapid Falls it's about sisters: Korede is a nurse, her sister Ayoola keeps killing her lovers. And like Rapid Falls the 'good' sister has to clean the other one messes, quite literally here with bleach. Annoyingly Oyinkan Braithwaite wrote this in a month while taking a break of writing her big important novel and the book has already been picked up by Hollywood months before publication. Deadpan, sarcastic, twisty, insane and original, can't wait for this one to bring some dark sunshine into my December skies.