The Invited: The perfect creepy book for Fixer Upper fans

The invited by Jennifer McMahon review, Thrillers to read this summer

The elevator pitch: 

A city couple buy a witchy, haunted Money Pit

Why I liked it: 

I'm obsessed with house renovations, it doesn't matter if it involves my own, or watching a show about it. So this was right up my alley. This creepy, thriller is rooted in a simple concept: it's risky to invest in an old property. Now for most of us, it means the foundation may have to be ripped out, or woodworm is eating down our beams.
For Emily, the problems are much more significant. She and her husband Nate have bought the house once belonging to Hattie Breckenridge; a woman hung a century ago in a late-to-the-party witch trial. And Hattie may still hover around her old digs. Now Emily is a historian, and she's not put off by the backstory or the ghost she sees wandering around the grounds and the bog. I would run for the hills, so Emily's husband reaction— Nate wants nothing to do with it— seems way more sensible. But Emily has other plans. Some of us stare for hours at paint samples others fill their rooms with haunted heirlooms.
The Invited is not only supernatural novel; it also covers the city/country hostility and the mystery surrounding Olive, a 14-year-old neighbor. Like every other book out there these days is told by both Emily and Olive's POV, and that was my least favorite part, I much preferred sticking with Emily. The revelations in the Invited are not earthshattering and are easily deducted, but I enjoyed the scavenger hunt.

What it is about: 

Emily and her husband Nate leave the city to live on a piece of land in Vermont. They soon discover mysterious objects left by someone who wants to do them harm, and understand why they got the property so cheap: Hattie Breckenridge haunts it. Their young neighbor Olive wants them gone. Olive's mother ran away; before leaving, she might have found the treasure buried Hattie Breckenridge. Soon this neighbor dispute comes to a head, and the town's secrets come spilling out.

Read or skip: 

READ. it' a perfect hot night on the porch book, not too scary, but creepy and entertaining nonetheless.