Don't even breathe by Keith Houghton/ Hooray for the kick ass Maggie Novak

Don't even breathe Keith Houghton review. Best thriller summer 2019

Elevator pitch: 

The past you try to leave behind will take you down.

What I liked: 

Plot! I repeat it: the plot. It is refreshing to read a thriller that leans heavily on its narrative construct and delivers a real puzzle. The first two chapters offer a seemingly unsolvable mystery, and watching how logically it all comes together is gratifying. A lot of thrillers these days rely too much on the psychological struggle of the protagonist and forsake the story.
Don't even Breathe delves into the guilt and shame of the very sympathetic Homicide detective Maggie Novak,  without forgetting to build a fictional case, not relying solely on the troubles of the hero. Maggie Novak is a straight arrow, competent, and determined, The return of a capable female lead. Hooray!
The beginning of Don't even Breathe is the gripping part, the story tapers a bit towards the wrap-up, but the last action scene has enough tension and evil characters loaded with malice to slide in between the goalpost ( I guess I still have football on the brain).

What it is about: 

Homicide detective Maggie Novak and her partner get called to a crime scene, where they find the charred remains of a female. Soon Maggie discovers these belong of her former best friend in high school. The problem: Rita died in a fire twenty years ago. And how come a budding psychopath and the most popular girl in school, he intended to kill, were the ones that discovered this body?