Dark Thrill reviews: The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson

I am looking for a boring book to read next because the thrillers I picked up lately are killing me—too many sleepless nights. The Weekend Away is another pageturner. I had so much difficulty putting it away. So thanks for the undereye bangs, I guess!
This Weekend away is set in Lisbon. First, let me say that I enjoyed just reading and fantasizing about a simple weekend away in another European city. so this book is double the escapist fantasy. Of course, this weekend goes all wrong. Orla and her Kate are in the habit of going away once a year on a girl's trip. They skipped a few because Orla got married and had a baby. Orla is eager and worried about leaving her baby behind this time. But she looks forward to a glorious weekend of pampering and sightseeing. But her friend has other plans: party time! Reluctantly Orla gives in. They meet two handsome Portuguese men in a bar, and before she knows it, Orla wakes up groggy, with a condom in her bed and Kate missing. What then follows, I would characterize it as a 'soft' Taken, the Liam Neeson classic. Orla spends the rest of the book running all over Lisbon, trying to locate her missing friend. She is soon accompanied by an Bosnian Uber driver with nefarious connections. And chased by two Portuguese cops, who thinks she may be involved. It is all great fun!

And when Orla finds out the truth about her friend, it may be too late to save herself. Typically I would say a perfect beach read, but this is now the ideal lockdown read. You may be longing for weekends away and glorious Meditteranean sunsets, but you are a lot safer at home, according to this, even when this Covid mess is over.

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