Dark Thrill reviews: The Bounty by Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton


Never read a book with a more evident elevator pitch. Do you miss White Collar, or do you wish it were a book? Well, here you go! Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton pair up for another FBI agent and reformed art thief pairing. The FBI agent is Kate O'Hare, and the con man is Nick Fox, together they must chase clues to find a lot of Nazi gold. This one starts on the Vatican's roof ( must be one of Europe most used locations for literary and movie action sequences) and then hops in high tempo through Europe, checking off its most famous tourist attraction, each offering another perilous physical ordeal, climbing, diving, or the terrifying sequence/getting lost in a crumbling cave. There's a smidge of romance, a lot of group shenanigans, easy banter, bigger-than-life nazi bad guys; it's fun, brash, and simplistic. An easygoing pageturner that could use more conflict and character development, and reminded me a bit of a Dan Brown novel, without all the research; delightful fluff.