Dark Thrill reviews: The Good Lie by A.R. Torre


A desperate mother, her only son, kidnapped by The Bloody Heart Killer, gets her impossible wish granted. Her son walks into her home like nothing has happened. He managed to escape this horrendous serial killer, who had already mutilated Six 17-year-old young guys. 

Soon the case is solved because the teenage boy tells everyone high school teacher Randall Thompson did it. 

Dr. Gwen Moore's specialty is treating patients who are grappling with violent fantasies, and she is more willing to sit there countless hours and listen to their twisted stories. So eager that Defense Attorney Robert Kavin begs her to help him write a psychological profile of the Bloody Heart killer, she gets excited; she is more than willing to do that. She is also intrigued by Robert, who has his won convoluted reason to be involved; he is devasted; one of the victims is his son Gabe. And Robert is the only one that doesn't believe Randall Thomspon is the Bloody Heart Killer. 

The Good Lie is so strong because the characters are not what you expect; at times, it isn't easy to understand what drives them. How can Gwen listen to people wanting to kill their loved ones without too many gripes about it? And why will Robert put himself through the horror of relieving his son's death, scouring over autopsy report by example? 

And how did this teenage boy manage to escape? Even his mother is not entirely sure he is telling the truth.

 The Good Lie kept me up at night. There is no way that you figure this one out before the reveal. This twisty, gripping, psychological serial killer thriller was brightly original and exceptionally plotted. Do not miss this one.