Dark Thrill recommends/ The best of 2023 TV Shows: Deadloch

 We still have some months for a definite list, but still, let's do a little recap of the year, starting with:

The Funniest Mystery:


My favorite foul-mouthed investigating duo of the year are Eddie Redcliffe and Dulcie Collins. ( with adorable and impressive assistance by  junior constable Abby)

Two girls stumble upon the body of a man in Deadloch, a small coastal village in Tasmania. Not only has his throat been cut, his tongue is missing. Dulcie, a senior sergeant, has moved to the quiet little town to escape the city's stress, crime, and her sins, but that might have been a move to satisfy her wife's wishes, the local veterinarian and blabbermouth Cath York. 

 Eddie, a detective working in Darwin, is sent to the scene of the crime after her own partner's death. She arrives like a sweaty, sloppy, and reckless Magnum PI, due to her love for Hawaiian shirts, who instantly insults everyone who dares to come near.

While the local Winter festival is underway, more bodies, all men, are found, all missing their tongues. Dulcie is pushing for a serial murder investigation. Eddie wants to leave this delightful town, where a sizeable lesbian community resides, as soon as possible. The two are constantly butting heads, which leads to a string of delicious barbs. It's the Big Lebowski meet Broadchruch, wacky, brimming with original characters, and a fantastic plot. And I need a sequel stat!