Dark Thrill's best TV shows of 2023

 Best action Thrillers

In the world of hostage negotiation, Sam (Idris Elba) was supposed to be the expert, applying Chris Voss-level tactics. But some viewers felt that his brilliance was just too believable, making him seem more ordinary than extraordinary. Still, Hijack did a great job of building the tension and giving Elba a chance to shine. The last episode was a bit of a letdown though, since the woman who killed the pilot got off scot-free. I guess in the world of TV, even criminals need some plot armor! All in all, the show was a thrilling ride, even if it didn't always hit the mark.


Another great 'actiony' thriller was The Diplomat. While the show may have had a rough start with Keri Russell's seemingly implausible appearance and behavior, it gradually picks up steam with its gripping storyline and the high-stakes diplomatic maneuverings. Who needs perfectly combed hair when you're working to prevent a full-blown war, right? With a promising second season on the horizon, it seems like "The Diplomat" is poised for even greater heights.

Slow Horses.

I was so pleasantly surprised to see an interview with Gary Oldman. He looked so dapper and engaged,  the's so good at playing dirty, yet brilliant Jacob Lamb in Slow Horses. I mean, talk about range! And don't even get me started on the rest of the cast. They're all fantastic! It's like the Avengers of the spy world, but with less spandex and more flatulence. The plot is always a wild ride, like a rollercoaster that somehow manages to make you laugh and hold your breath at the same time. Honestly, I'm pretty sure watching this show is better than therapy. This time we got a fantastic The Raid-like setup, with River and Lousia having to fight themselves out of a facility under assault; with the very unlikely help of Shirley and Marcus. The scene with Roddy 'saving' the say with the bus was an instant classic. Consistently brilliant. 

Can you consider Fargo as an action thriller? Nevertheless, this season features some fantastic action sequences. I haven't watched the whole season yet; there are two more episodes left. But, Dorothy's (played by Juno Temple) Home Alone-esque way of dealing with the men who come to take her back to her abusive husband is a work of art. I love how this season has maintained the wacky, violent interactions between larger-than-life characters while slowly incorporating a point - the violence that men inflict on women - that is relevant and infuriating. I never thought I'd despise John Hammn or Joe Keery, but man, do I loathe them now.

Best detective shows

I've already mentioned two detective shows, "Murders in the Building" and "Deadlock," that stood out in 2023. However, my favorite one was "Murders at the End of the World." The show features Emma Corrin, Brit Marling, Harris Dickinson, the stunning Gong Li, and Clive Owen. Owen's acting was particularly impressive during the scene where he screams, "I have no one I can trust," and spitting like a lunatic. What I enjoyed most about the show was the love story between Bill and Darcy. The flashbacks of them as young kids navigating through a violent, desolate country had a Terrace Malick-like quality. The show pays tribute to the victims of violence and giving them the recognition they deserved. It was a great whodunit with a beautiful setting, exceptional acting, and a big heart.

Biggest guilty pleasure

Cruel summer

Last season of the show was good, but not very engaging. The most interesting aspect of the show was the use of flashbacks to tell the story. However, this season, the characters' transformations were more captivating, the trio of friends, played by Olivia Holt, Lexi Underwood, and Griffin Gluck, were intriguing and felt real and still different from what we have seen before in this genre, and their parents, played by Kadee Strickland and Paul Adelstein, had this great very complicated relationship, full with despair. They set the small seaside village on fire with their wicked, fun, performances. The show is underrated.

2023 brought a lot of disappointments, and unfortunately, some TV shows made it to that list. "The Last Thing He Told Me" had Jen Garner and a thrilling plot, but the main character's decision to leave a bag of money under an unsecured bed was a bag of dumb moves. "Shelter" had great potential with young actors and a promising setup, but it got too convoluted. "The Wilderness" killed off a vital character and lost its spark. "Silo" started strong with a mysterious premise, but then decided to take us on a relic-hunting journey that didn't quite cut it. Rebecca Ferguson deserved better than that! 

But I have said it once and will say it once more: and True Detective with Jodie Foster is coming and better be good!