Dark Thrill review: Bye, Baby by Carola Lovering


Imagine your ex-best friend transforming into a wildly successful influencer, and you find yourself glued to their Instagram stories all the time. With a setup like that, you can't help but be instantly captivated. It delves into one of the most relatable topics for women: female friendships, especially the heartbreak of losing close friends. This book really took me back to my twenties. I experienced two intense friendships falling apart, and I couldn't understand why. That's exactly how -year-old Billie West feels whenever she encounters her former best friend, Cassie Barnwell.

Cassie seems to have it all - a wealthy Ivy League partner, a lovely baby, and a trendy boutique. She's always surrounded by her fancy friends, who, to Billie's dismay, seem to belittle her at every opportunity. On the other hand, Billie's life is pretty great, too; she has a fulfilling job, a blossoming relationship, and a supportive group of friends. Despite her own happiness, Billie can't help but fixate on Cassie. What makes this book so compelling is the way it subverts the typical portrayal of these characters. While I empathize with Billie to some extent, I couldn't ignore her increasingly unsettling behaviour, which exudes a strong "single-white female" vibe. The story kicks off with a gripping scene where Billie is holding Cassie's baby while Cassie frantically searches for her child in the apartment upstairs.

This book skillfully weaves in flashbacks, providing a glimpse into Billie's difficult upbringing. Cassie emerges as a saviour in these moments, shedding light on why Billie is so attached to their past. However, as Billie navigates through the story, every choice she makes evokes a strong sense of empathy for Cassie. We can all relate to having someone in our lives who just can't take a hint.

This gripping thriller skillfully pushes its plot to the brink, keeping you on the edge of your seat. While the flashback scenes didn't captivate me as much, the main story is truly compelling. Once you start, you won't be able to stop!