Summer Sizzlers: Must-Read Thrillers Coming Out in June

June is going to be jam-packed with some amazing book releases! It's funny because I spend a lot of time reading for work, but I'm really looking forward to taking a break from writing, editing, and reading other writers' books – which pretty much consumes all my time – and just lounging on a beach chair with one of these new releases. Reading for pleasure is pure bliss! 

 I can't wait to dive into the latest thriller by New York Times bestselling author Nicola Yoon. This book promises to spark lively discussions among readers. The story unfolds in a gripping setting—an all-Black gated community called Liberty. When Jasmyn and King relocate their family to this planned Black utopia, they have different hopes for what they'll find. Jasmyn seeks like-minded individuals, but the community turns out to be more focused on isolation and self-improvement through activities like yoga. On the other hand, King fully embraces the community's lifestyle. Tensions escalate when Liberty uncovers a shocking secret about the community and its founders, just as her loved ones start to embrace the community's way of life. Will the truth shatter her world in ways she never anticipated? 

 "Dare Me" is hands down my favourite book, and this new one is being compared to a mix between Meg Abbott's work and "My Dark Vanessa," which is pretty exciting. It's a debut novel set in an elite private school where an outsider threatens to expose its secrets. The story follows Louise Manson as she starts attending Highfield Manor, Dublin's most exclusive private school. She uncovers a dark secret and gets caught up in the "Highfield Affair." The whole vibe is very "Yellowjackets." When she fast forwards to adulthood, she gets a shocking phone call. She has to confront her past by testifying in a lawsuit against the school. 

 This one has another great elevator pitch: Get Out meets Parasite! Are you kidding me? I'm in! And get ready for this to become a Netflix thriller starring the talented Blake Lively! The story follows the story of Charlie and Eve, a young, queer couple who venture into the world of house flipping. Things take a chilling turn when they purchase a home in a charming neighborhood, only to encounter eerie occurrences. From a missing child to ghostly apparitions in the basement, the suspense builds as Charlie vanishes and the previous owners refuse to vacate the property. As Eve grapples with these unsettling events, she begins to question her own sanity. This spine-tingling and darkly humorous tale is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat! 

 Turbulances by Edin Kapić Get ready for a high-octane thriller! "Turbulences" takes place in the summer of 2022 in Yugoslavia, a member of the European Union, amidst a raging war on its borders. When airline pilot Esad Kajan experiences a tragic car accident, he stumbles upon shocking secrets about his friend's life. This discovery sets off a gripping battle against overwhelming odds. As conspiracy and mysterious transactions come to light, Esad is thrust into a journey to uncover the truth and confront a web of deceit that surpasses his wildest imagination.