Is it just reflection? Are we floating? Getting ready for the last three episodes of Twin Peaks The Return.

Twin Peaks the Return Finale, questions, explanations

Mirror, mirror on the wall...Remember, it all started in a mirror. A mirror and lipstick. Josie and Judy starring at each other. Just kidding, but there we have it the first question heading into the last three episodes: who is Judy? And more importantly why is she important? That we don't know. The name was uttered once, by Jeffries, and suddenly it seems she is the one this all hinges on...
Anyway, if you want know your future, you first have to understand the past. To prepare for these last three episodes, and help us when they are done, it is important to get to the questions raised in the first three. Mirror, mirror, what do we know, and what can we only guess?

1. Where is Linda, and why have we seen her yet? Or did we? 
There are lots of theories, not one sounds right to me. She is Ruby the screaming girl at the Road House, only problem she is called Ruby. She is Richard's twin. She is a random person involved in the endgame. We know Linda is the disabled woman who probably lives at the trailer park. Is it really possible we haven't seen her yet? Sure. It has been hinted she is a war veteran. Some people think it is Audrey, and those Charlie scenes could indicate some PT SD induced hallucinations. But I am not convinced by any of these answers. We still haven't seen Francesca Eastwood, and she has slight resemblance to the actor playing Richard, so the brother sister connection could come true.

2. What is the piece of meat found in William Hastings car? Did I miss this, has it been explained?

3. Hank Filmore, the maintenance guy, stopped by the police in Buckhorn to ask for the key for Ruth Davenport's apartment, was babbling about Harvey and Chip. Later calling Harvey, saying that whatever was in his bag, he got all of it. Who is Hank, Harvey, Chip, was he the clean up crew, send to make sure nothing else was found in Ruth's apartment, or just a red herring?

4. Why is there a glitch when Bad Coop kills Gladys, leading up to the question what is up with those glitches?

5. Hawk went to Glastonbury Grove, talking to Margaret. 'Something is suppose to be happening tonight.' When is this? This is driving me crazy. The sequence ends on a white light. Safe to say something did happen, and it has already come to pass, seeing that we just watched our beloved Margaret die. 

6. When we see Mike and Coop in the Red Room, there is a Saturn statue on the table next to Dale? Chantal just mentioned Mars, is just breadcrumbs pointing to deep space?

8. Of course one of the most important questions who is pretending to be Philip Jeffries, the one that Coop talks to in the motel room? Mike, Laura, Sarah, Diane, any clue?

9. I am still a bit confused about Betty, Hastings' secretary, why would he also give her the coordinates? Coop had her killed, by a car explosion, but we haven't seen her. It is probably less than minor, so let's move on.

10. Coop tells Darya that he wants the black symbol on the card. Now we are getting somewhere. 'You don't want to know about that.' But we do. The one under the moon on Blue Pine mountain. So who is this owl like symbol? The experiment? And why would Bad Coop want it?  If this entity is as dangerous as it seems, what makes Bad Coop think he would survive an encounter? 

11. There are cameras aimed at the box, Tammy later shows the Experiment to Gordon, but why wasn't Cooper caught on camera,when he entered the box, or is Tammy withholding something?

12. Alright, let's tackle this one. Laura tells Dale, you can go out now. But Dale has to wait till Bad Coop comes back to the Lodge. Bad Coop doesn't, something is wrong, the lodge starts to shake and Dale is expelled, when the arm yells 'Non-existent!' Does this mean Dale at this moment doesn't exists, or just that his mind that doesn't? When Hawk is at the Lodge's doors, does somebody else come out?
Could Dougie's life be all a dream? If you start this pull this thread, a whole lot comes falling down. Not only Janey-E and Sonny Jim. It could explain why The FBI can't find him yet. But, how does Dougie's wedding ring end up in Major Briggs stomach? And Dougie did go to the Red Room. And why does Diane say she has a sister named Janey-E? Could her sister be someone else, maybe the 119 woman? But is Dougie is not existent, than every murderer brought down on him, doesn't exist either, the Mitchum brother..not there. The Casino not likely. Candie! Well that one makes sense. And the key of the Great Northern, how does it arrive there if Jade isn't there? Where is Dale? Where did he exactly disappear to? If he didn't meet Naido the whole twin Peaks timeline is false, so that seems unlikely.... Should we take the evolution of the arm literally or not?

13. Watching Twin Peaks too long and you start seeing things. When Sarah Palmer is watching lions devour a prey on TV, in the mirror there was something or someone lying there in the same red robe she is wearing. Am I imagining this? Am I going crazy here? I haven't seen it anywhere else, so I am sure I am hallucinating.

14. When Shelly complains to her friends about her daughter and Steve, her girlfriend says: 'Everybody loves Steve.' 
Who? seriously?

15. Naido shows Cooper something when they are on top of the device, she get shocked by an electric current after pulling a lever and then falls to earth. Is that what Dale is trying to replicate by using the fork to electrocute himself?

16. What's up with the red balloons? They were for Sonny Jim's birthday, but why has the drugged out woman also one? Dream, dream, dream.

17. I think it's hilarious that Josh McDermitt, appears as the wise guy, and has one line, in the casino, praising Dale's/Dougie's luck. He just have been in Las Vegas, and ended up by coincidence in Twin Peaks, you can't tell me he was cast for that?

I will stop here, only one more question coming from episode 15. Dale/Dougie snaps to attention when he hears Gorden Cole, accidentally having put on Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard. One of Lynch's favorite movies. 
BILLY Wilder, a story being told by the corpse of Joe Gilles floating in the pool. Was this just a ode to his favorite movie, or are we going to see more similarities in plot lines, like in Mulholland Drive?