Twin Peaks the Return episode 13/The questions: time is an illusion


1. Who gave Ray the ring, who was this 'guard'?

2. When does Richard appear at the farm?

We know now that Dougie and Bad Coop stories synch up, through the fingerprints, we heard got Bad Cooper escaped, more confirmation that those stories run side to side. But there is something very screwy going on with Twin Peaks time.
In this his episode we have skipped back in time a few days.
Becky calling the diner is happening before she finds out that Steve is cheating, and shoots up the place.
Bobby's visit to the diner is before his reunion with Shelly and Becky, Red arriving, shots fired, etc.
Sarah sitting watching TV on a loop is happening before she goes out to the supermarket.
So this is the calm before the storm?
Do we have definitely proof when this hit and run with Richard happens? We are led to believe that it already happened, we have had three scenes indicating that the Twin Peaks police station is investigating: Andy interviewing Billy(?) Chad intercepting the letter, Frank visiting Ben.
Those scenes are linked to Billy disappeareance, and the key of Agent Coopers hotel room coming back.
We don't know how much time it took for the key to return and how long it was waiting on Ben's desk.
And the Billy disappearance is linked to two strange scenes: the patrons changing in the double RR diner and Audrey's fugue dialogue.
We know that Richard and 4.30 is important. But we haven't met Linda yet.
Wasn't 4.30 the time Andy was supposed to meet the witness, Billy?
We all assumed that Richard was waiting for Billy in his trailer, but are we sure? Could it have been Mr C.?
So when does this hit and run happen? On which day?
When Richard appears at the farm are we sure this is after the hit and run? Where did he meet Red? Was this also at the farm?

3 Twin Peaks will go berserk on the day of the shootings, the zombie kid, and Sarah's freak out. And there is something in Sarah's kitchen. Men are coming. Will it all start at Ed's gas station? There was a report of shots fired there? Did anybody noticed the radio behind Ed? The same kind of radio where a certain Woodsman can chant his hypnotic poem from.

4. What is going on at the Roadhouse? The performances are repeated, we are seeing the same evenings split up, and Audrey sure doesn't know where it is, but that may be all about her state of mind. People we have never met, talk about other people we have never met? Is this future or past? Will we meet the people they are talking about?

5. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, but the two girls singing with James, could any of them or both be his daughters? And was Donna involved in that motorcycle accident?Is that why he looked so sad? ( I know he always looks like that, but he turned it up a notch.)

6. Did the dandruff remind Dougie of his travel through space, and time?

7. This may be nothing, or something: what happened six years ago during that big storm Jacoby mentions?