The Riverdale companion movie guide: Episode 11: The Wrestler

Riverdale the Tv Show, Betty Cooper, the Riverdale companion

Watching Riverdale always makes me want to rematch old movies. It's not like I add one to my list every time Veronica Lodge hurls one of her comebacks. It's the movies Riverdale takes its inspiration from that crawl back into my conciousness.

In Riverdale season two episode 11: The Wrestler we get a Foxcatcher mention, of course, and you should def see that one if you haven't already, and tell me afterward Archie, Hiram or are you more of a Tatum-in-his-singlet fan?
Others movies quoted this week were Mad Max,  Snowpiercer and the Omen; I guess everybody was lusting for blood.
Hiram Lodge did his best Vito Corleone impression, sitting behind his desk, schooling Archie and I am warming up to him (I am sure seeing him wrestle had nothing to do with it).

The movie I want to rematch this week is The King (2005) directed by James Marsh, featuring Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, Pell James and William Hurt.

Riverdale the Tv Show, Betty Cooper, the Riverdale companion

Listen you don't invite your half brother into the house, who is living on skid row, if you don't want your life to turn into a Greek Tragedy. Explore Dark Betty all you want, but before opening your house and heart to a discarded family member, Betty should certainly have watched The King.
Gael plays Elvis,  a bad boy discharged from the army who moves to Corpus Christi and into the lives of the Sandov family. Dad is a preacher, daughter is sixteen and before you know it, and because teenage girls bedrooms lack the security they need, Elvis has made his move.
This could go all Badlands, but The King descends into a whole other level of evil. The ending is a woozy, something that you expect maybe to happen at the Blossom house, and hopefully not anywhere near dear Betty and Shelly, uhm Mamma Cooper's house.
Should you think twice before doing the right thing? You're damn right!

Riverdale the Tv Show, Betty Cooper, the Riverdale companion

When you are about to invite your hottie half brother into the house, who watches you sleep with skeezy eyes, don't think twice, just run and never look back.

The King is terrifying, but as you can see from the trailer also gorgeous.