Should you read 'Are you sleeping' before Reese Witherspoon turns it into gold?

Reading challenge: A book that will be made into a movie of TV show: Are you sleeping/Kathleen Barber

I cheated with this one. Only last week it was announced Reese Witherspoon's production company is developing Are you sleeping starring Octavia Spencer for Amazon. But I am counting it anyway.
After Wild and Big Little Lies, (adapted by Reese Witherspoon's production company) this psychological thriller has the potential to become your new obsession.
There's another women attached to the project: Sarah Koening, of Serial. See, Are you sleeping delves into the Americans' public obsession and the consequences of a True Crime podcast investigating the murder of college professor, Charles Buhrman. The neighbor's kid Warren, was arrested for the crime after the testimony of Lanie Buhrman, the professor's daughter, a teen at the time of the murder.

The story is told by Josie, Lanie's twin sister.
Josie tried to get her life together after the murder. She left the town, traveled the world, found love, a job she loves. She changed her name and not even told her boyfriend Caleb about her tragic family history.
One day she is made aware of Poppy Parnal's podcast. Almost like it was in Koenig's case, Poppy was asked by Warren's mother to try to discover the truth.  Soon every armchair detective is dissecting the life Josie has left behind.

So, should you wait for the TV show or dig in?
Let me say this, I am sure Sarah Koening will suggest some changes in the script.
This is  a nice read if you enjoy family drama and like to delve into convoluted relationships and sisterly betrayal.
But the podcast part of the book could be stronger. A Serial fan myself, I could have used a more realistic approach on that front. The book features Facebook messages, Reddit forums, Twitter comments, but the discussion on these forums is in reality more witty and self aware, not everyone is there only for the gossip. Poppy is quite annoying, self-serving, and lacking empathy, not at all acting like you would imagine Sarah Koening does when on a case. Then again there are many other True Crime Podcasts out there, most of them a lot less serious, and people do show up at people's houses, and harass witnesses and family members.
Even if the family relationship gets dark and Josie and Lanie's and their parents' history is depressing Are you sleeping is an easy read. I would have loved more twist and turns, and a lot more thrills, but if you love family drama and a juicy subject grab it, before everyone is talking about it.