Closer than you think by Darren O'Sullivan. A disappointing date?

CLoser than you think Darren O'Sullivan review

Elevator Pitch: a serial killer rears his ugly head after ten years to stick it the woman who survived him.

What I thought: Let's say I went on a date last week. And this person had an exciting life full of adversity, but he told it to me, in a very Dear Diary kind of way. And my mind wandered, and when I could focus, the story was still there, I could quickly pick it up. No wild swings, no many surprises. And then when he finally came to the point, he left me hanging right before. And it didn't bug me. Because even if I thought this tale deserved attention, it was told flatly, he dwelled on many mundane details, and he didn't seem to be able to escape his head for one second.
So no second date.
Now, I didn't go on any date, I'm, a married woman. But if this scenario was real, I would still think this person was a perfectly fine person. Just not for me.
I don't like critiquing books I don't like. It bugs me, especially when I am not the right reader for a book. Closer than you think was that kind of book. It's not the sort of thriller I like to read. Too straightforward, and unimaginative. And that sounds bad, but I am confident that lots of people will enjoy this. Because for what it is, it is perfectly fine.

What it is about: Claire Moore survived the attack of the Black-out Killer, a serial killer that terrorized entire communities ten years earlier. She still suffers, griefs for the husband she lost in the attack and is unable to go on with her life. In a split narrative, we are shown the killer is planning to come back, to finally finish off the one he let slip out of his hands — a cat and mouse play, where the mouse is waiting like a deer in the headlight.