Michael Connelly's Two kinds of Truth and Murder Case review

Michael Connelly Tow kinds of Truth and Murder Case review

The elevator pitch: 

Bosch goes undercover as an opioid addict.

Why I liked it: 

It's a very entertaining infomercial on the opioid crisis. It pours an explanation of how dealers procure and distribute opioids—collaborating with pharmacies and doctors—into a tense undercover sting. Woven throughout is another story, a lot less compelling. An old case coming back to bite Bosch ass. This is an ideal book to read before drifting off to sleep, not because it's sleep-inducing, anything but. It doesn't require your full concentration. The style is barebones, and the tension never reaches unbearable limits. Now said all that, this is my least favorite Bosch. I expected more meat on the bones. Harry got let off easy here. The premise is exciting and illuminating, the follow-through a little too breezy, compared to previous books.
I've been running a book behind on the Bosch saga. But instead of rushing to the next one I'm taking my sweet time listening to Michael Connelly's podcast. I cannot recommend it enough. Murder Book is like many others a True Crime podcast, but don't expect the usual controversial/sexy case. This one focuses on real police work, and prosecutorial frustration, in a case, that I imagine, isn't a rare one. Murder Book describes the decennia long process of getting justice for a 21-year-old would-be DJ who was shot and killed some 30 years ago during an attempted car-jacking. It's told through the eyes of the cops Bosch often collaborates with IRL, on his show and books. It's fascinating; it details the amount of sweat blood and many tears before a case can be proven in court. These cops are determined, persistent and have the patience of saints. And I loved that it was a case involving 'gang members ' like I said, the sort of case that the public usually doesn't bat an eye about.

What the book is about: 

After the killing of a father and son in a pharmacy in San Fernando, where Bosch now volunteers at the police department, are killed execution style and discovering who is responsible, Bosch decides he is the best candidate to go undercover. Meanwhile, Harry is also dealing with the possible retrial of a guy he put in jail for a murder who claims Bosch planted evidence.