Dark Thrill Reviews: No One Needs to Know by Lindsay Cameron

 Lindsay Cameron's "No One Needs to Know" is an irresistible tale of secrets, scandals, and murder set in the high-stakes world of Manhattan's Upper West Side.

If Tinx were creating a Rich Mom package on the luxurious Upper West Side, as depicted in the novel No One Needs to Know, she would feature Urban Myth an anonymous discussion board. This is where the characters of the story reveal their deepest secrets - secrets that they wouldn't even communicate with their closest friends or significant others. Everything from hidden bank accounts to hush-hush affairs and scandalous gossip. These same characters would go above and beyond to ensure their children's admission into the most prestigious boarding schools and universities. However, when hackers breached this forum and revealed the real identities of each poster, the effects were felt throughout Park Avenue with a magnitude that no one could have predicted.

And then, of course, somebody ends up dead.

Heather Quinn, a former Wall Street executive, aims to secure her daughter's admission to an Ivy League boarding school. However, Violet's reputation is tarnished when a photo of her vaping surfaces on Instagram, along with false accusations of drug dealing. Heather investigates and confronts the snobbish Upper West Side moms who might be behind the rumours. And those women play for keeps.

The story is filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end, even though the resolution may feel too convenient. But hey, in a world where everyone has something to hide, and no one is who they seem, who needs a perfect ending anyway? "No One Needs to Know" is the perfect guilty pleasure read for those who love a mix of suspense, satire, and a splash of murder. Just be careful not to put it all out there, on some anonymous message board...