Dark Thrill Reviews; The Resort by Sara Ochs


"The Resort" by University of Louisville law professor Ochs was a total page-turner. I'm sleepy today because I couldn't put it down last night. It reads like research for when "The White Lotus" will go to Asia, and we will get a glimpse into the employers' side of things. Well, the only rich guest at this resort is influencer Brooke, and let's say she's got a few secrets up her sleeve. But she's not as twisty as the characters in "The White Lotus" - I mean, have you seen that show? 

Anyway, what surprised me about "The Resort" was how heartfelt it was. The characters' intentions were good, but things kept going from bad to the very worst for them, talking about having the most rotten luck. The tension between the diving instructor Cass and influencer Brooke was a blast to read. Like watching the  train wreck that was the Armand/Shane interaction, but in a more wholesome way. The plot was expertly woven together to keep me guessing until the end. My one point of contention was the ending, and I know endings are important in thrillers. Still, by then, I already was all in, so even if it felt like a scrimmage, and the epilogue could have been cut, it didn't dim the rest of this delightful novel. The weather is crappy here, but this is the obvious choice for a beach read.

Sure, there were some occasional awkward sentences, but honestly, that just added to the charm. It was like the book was saying, "Hey, I may not be perfect, but I'm damn entertaining." And it was! Overall, "The Resort" was a tense, hilarious, and thoroughly enjoyable read. I'm excited to see what this talented author comes up with next!