Top Tv of 2017: the year of kick-ass women

Buff amazons prepared for war, a woman director broke the 100 million ceiling, and abusers got called out. Women took the reins in Hollywood in 2017. But TV was already way ahead of them, and these are my favorite all round boss ladies on my favorite shows:

Joyce Byers and Nancy Wheeler played by Winona Ryder and Natalia Dyer/Stranger Things.
Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Stranger Things
The only fear these two know if the fear of not stepping up for the ones they love. They are not presented as heroes, but relying on their conscience, pushes them toward danger,  which they face without doubt. And Joyce obviously would be the coolest art teacher.

Speaking about acting on your conscience, my favorite zealot is Elizabeth Jennings played by Keri Russell/The Americans.

Top Tv of 2017

There is no room for ambiguity in Elizabeth. Even if she lives among her enemy, she will not be corrupted. Elizabeth is a woman on a mission, and will put her daughter and new husband in physical and emotional jeopardy. She will die for what she stands for, and maybe will, but the real tragedy will be if she will looses the people she should have been fighting for all along. 

Michonne played by Danai Gurira /The Walking Dead.

People complain about a lack of emotional involvement in TWD this season. That is due to Glenn, Abraham not being there. But Michonne has also been M.I.A.
Top Tv of 2017

I get it, girl is busy, but last season Michonne was the anchor of the show. While Maggie stood right up after Glenn was murdered, Rosita took a shot, Sasha turned herself into weapon, and Carol retreated (welcome back Mrs. Peletier) Michonne kept her wits about her without ever closing her heart. She gave Rick room to stew, but kept reminding him that the way forward was not the one laying low. She was playful, determined, and strong, and I miss her dammit! Less dude swinging their business, more Michonne.

An interesting case of badass is Dr Wendy Carr played by Anna Torv/Mindhunter.
Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Anna Torv Mindhunter

As I said before Mindhunter is fascinating because it doesn't impose a judgment on its proceedings. Well maybe only in the last few episodes, but only subtly so. Placing an inquisitive, straightforward unflinching professor as the de facto supervisor of too eager Holden Ford and crusty Bill Tench could play off as her being the judgy judgy mother imposing the rules, in a world where serial killers blame the first women in their lives for all their awful crimes. Is she too uptight? Are we getting that same old cliché? I totally sided with her. When Holden goes off script and gets results, he was irritating, so arrogantly sure. He should go and apply at the Police Academy where those interview skills would come handy.  For now he is an FBI and should behave like one. Wendy is right, you can't conduct a scientifically study when messing with your methods. I don't know if Fincher is in anyway implying or emphasizing it, but what a hell of a job to do as a woman, listening to crazy men and they deranged reasons for killing and unflinching, Wendy gets it done, without having to lie down on the floor, muttering incoherently.

Angela Moss played by Portia Doubleday/Mr Robot.
Top Tv of 2017

 As much as I love Darlene Alderson, the rebel and Dominique Di Pierro, another FBI badass, it is Angela that steals the show in this new season. As insecure and safe as she was in the beginning, wrecked by her mothers death,  slithering in and out of bad situations with bad men, not loving anybody who loved her back, she is now handling Elliott's alert ego as a champ. "I won't talk to you as I do to Elliott." But she will help Mr Robot take down E Corp, against her best friend's will. Talk about complicated. Let's hope this new devotion to WhiteRose will not bring her down. 

Bonnie Carlson played by Zoë Kravitz/ Big Little Lies.

Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Big Little Lies
Even if Reese and Nicole are getting all the attention at the award shows, it was her quiet presence  that stole the show. Withstanding all the venom and jealously being thrown her way, for being the young beautiful new wife, Bonnie was the one that ended the Perry's terror. Showing that doing your own thing, is a good way of overcoming the pettiness that scared and insecure people throw your way. 

Gloria Burgle played by Carrie Coon helped by Winnie Lopez played by Gloria Sandoval/Fargo
Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Carrie Coon

A great homage to Francis McDormand's classic role. Gloria, just demoted as a chief of police, chasing the killer of her adopted grandfather, is helped by Winnie a police officer from a neighboring town. They manage to decipher a convoluted and dumb criminal scheme, while responding to all the crap thrown their way with those delicious laconic expressions. Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki Swango was also great as the femme fatale, who turned the cliche of the money hungry honey trap into a committed, street smart, revenge machine.

 Tammy Preston  played by Chrysta Bell/Twin Peaks the Return.

Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Crysta Bell
Hanging out with the big dogs, getting sworn into the Blue Rose inner circle, writing The Final Dossier, and shooting at Tulpas, without turning into a kettle, or chasing ghost through time, Tammy had and has her work cut out for her. And as all inexperienced actors Chrysta had to put up with  criticism on her acting skills. But while the men in the unit were checking her out, she made Tammy sympathetic, weird, and pure at heart, like a Lynchian FBI agent should be.

Laura Palmer and Sarah Palmer played by Sheryl Lee and Grace Zabriskie/Twin peaks the Return

Best Tv Actress Tv shows 2107 Sheryl Lee Grace Zabriski
Mother and daughter literally ruled the universe in Twin Peaks The Return. Good and evil, one capable of ripping a man's throat out without batting a eye, the other in possession of a scream that made a strange and constructed world implode. Sheryl and Grace are the two best actresses in the Twin Peaks world, I wished they would have come face to face, and keep my fingers crossed for that showdown in Season four.

Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter/The Defenders, finally telling Matt and Danny what we were all thinking:

I could go on and on, Laurel In HTGAWM, the pregnant hell raiser, there's the Handmaid's tale, but the kick ass character there is Margaret Atwood herself, for now the story is still a warning and tale of victimization, Clare took over in House of Cards ( and deserves a season of her own now Spacey is out). I loved all the women of Glow ( check out Alison Brie instagram, wow,) and every one of the OITNB inmates. Eleanor keeps messing up the demon's diabolical plans in The Good Place. Mama Alice Cooper on Riverdale is lots of fun, and Cameron and Donna in Halt and Catch Fire are complicated, highly intelligent, creative powerhouses, with enough flaws to make them infuriating and real.
Who was your favorite female character of 2017?