TOP TV of 2017: The baddest girls

The Christmas decoration just went up around town, so it's not too early to start the countdown to 2018, and to compile these lists. I want to hit the ground running with my favorite category. Top Tv of 2017: My favorite badass girls of TV.

In no particular order:

Top Tv of 2017, Riverdale, Betty Cooper Lili Reinhart best tv character of 2017

1. Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart /Riverdale

The actress' real name means pure heart, that is exactly the kind of girl Betty Cooper is. That could be nauseating, but while Veronica, Cheryl and Josie try very hard to pull off that Blair Waldorf, femme fatale or baby Beyonce vibe, Betty is made of sturdier stuff than either one; the girl doesn't scare. When nobody dares to goes to Pop's after Fred's shooting, she simply states that a teensy-weensy serial killer won't get in the way of her drinking her milkshake. Mama Cooper (!!!, sorry just imagining Shelly and Dale together for a sec) taught her well.  Priorities.
And when the lollipop, lollipop lo-lo-lo-lipop killer wants her to cross off every one she cares about, she crushes their hearts and ego to play the long game. Casually throwing a rapist under the bus. Well, the girl has a serial killer at your back and call, can you blame her? Got a retro one for you: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, Betty.

2. Abigail Carson and Joanie Clark played by Katherine Newton/Big Little Lies and Halt and Catch Fire

There is a sure way to get a lot of smack as an actor and that is by playing a teenage girl. I haven't heard anything bad about the two Katherine played so authentically on Big Little Lies and Halt and Catch Fire. She manages to be snarky, vulnerable, curious, and a little wild without ever being annoying. She uses her gaze as a weapon, perfect for making the grown ups spill their beans. Abigail and Joanie both represent the ultimate teenage girl; driving her parents insane, but ultimately the one who dares to tell the truth, and that is the most badass thing you could do.

Best tv shows of 2017 Big Little Lies

3. Chloe MacKenzie played by Darby Camp/Big Little Lies

' Woman.' Nuff said.

Eleven Stranger Things Millie Brown Best Tv Shows characters 2017

4. Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown/Stranger Things

Is this list would be a countdown to number one, she would be it. Mind you, I haven't finished season 2 yet, but so far, and that won't change, Eleven is cementing herself as the ultimate Wonder Woman of TV, and I would argue, her fierceness is even more convincing. I don't know how Millie does it, when Eleven looks in the camera, she is furious and powerful, all big black eyes, just radiating supernatural energy, fierce without ever having to have to do a grueling workout and boring us with the details. The Hopper breakfast scenes are classic, and when she tells him that friends don't lie, you know he will not forget the lesson. They don't, dude.

Sadie Sink Max Stranger things, best shows 2017

5. Mad Max played by Sadie Sink/Stranger Things

Again I'll keep it short: she has the highest score and skateboards, nuff said part two.

Paige Jennings season 5 The Americans

6. Paige Jennings played by Holly Taylor/The Americans

Paige started off this season shell shocked after witnessing her mother kill the man that attacked them, Hiding in the closet, believing every word Pastor Tim said. But there's a lot of Elisabeth in her, and she slowly emerges from her denial and panic by committing to self defense, (meaning getting smacked in the face by her mother) dumping Matthew, and snooping around where she is not supposed to. Having discovered Pastor Tim diary she has an epiphany, simultaneously seeing the pastor for the condescending man he is, but also becoming aware how her parents are perceived by the outside. What Paige will do with this insight, defend them or revolt is where The Americans is working towards, but seeing Paige walk, her head upright, at night, through the same parking lot where the man pulled out a knife, indicates that whoever side she chooses, it will spell trouble for the one she will not.