A Murder At the End of the World Theories, episodes one/four


So, the title is about more than just the location. Andy is all freaked out about climate change, building a whole new world with robots that can procreate and AI are your besties. So, the title hints that the murders have something to do with doomsday scenarios, not only a reference to Iceland. But are they? I'm not sure.

So here are my questions after watching ep 1 to 4

  1. Is the climate change a red herring? We are led to believe that Andy invited all of his frenemies for some sketchy reason. But...
  2. What if the murder has nothing to do with Andy's plans or fears?
  3. What if Lee's doxing is the inciting incident for all that is?
  4. Who doxed her? Was it random? 
  5. Did Andy have anything to do with the doxing? Their relationship is so creepy.
  6. So, what is Bill and Zoomer's relationship? We are led to believe that there was more going on between Bill and Lee, a relationship maybe...
  7. Is Zoomer Bill's son? Or?
  8. Are they brothers and sisters?
  9. Who would be so awful to kill a dog?
  10. And, of course, what was Bill and Rohan's plan?