Dark Thrill review: The Senator's wife by Liv Constantine

I stumbled upon this book, unaware of the nerve-racking journey I was about to embark on. Little did I know, I was not mentally equipped to handle the intricate web of gaslighting that unfolded.

From the very beginning, Liv sets the stage with a tragic and shocking scene. Peggy, the unstable wife of US Senator Whit, tragically takes a life, aiming her anger at Whit but mistakenly targeting another senator, Robert. 

The narrative focuses on Sloane, Robert's widow, an elegant and intelligent woman who finds herself in the aftermath of the devastating events. Through unimaginable grief and loss, she and Whit manage to find solace in each other's arms, starting afresh as a married couple. However, their happiness is far from secure. Robert's mother, unable to let go of her own grief, refuses to grant Sloane her blessing, thus casting a shadow over their newfound bliss.

To complicate matters further, Sloane is faced with a physical setback and requires hip replacement surgery. Enter Athena, a mysterious and alluring woman of Greek descent, whom Whit and Sloane hire to assist in their time of need. Yet, there is something off about Athena - her presence feels unsettling and raises suspicions. Joined by her partner-in-crime, they seem to be scheming, and Sloane's gradually deteriorating health only adds fuel to the fire.

As Sloane's condition worsens, her world becomes a whirlwind of hallucinations, increasing isolation, and paranoia. With every attempt to expose Athena's sinister intentions, Sloane finds her carefully laid traps going awry. The tension builds to unbearable heights, leaving my heart pounding and my mind racing.

"The Senator's Wife" demonstrates Liv's mastery in constructing suspense. It's a thrilling experience that pushes the boundaries of what one can endure. If you can handle witnessing a woman's health, sanity, and even her life being dismantled before your eyes, then this book is an absolute must-read. Brace yourself for an exemplary ride, complete with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you breathless at every page turn.