Dark Thrill the Best of 2023: The Classic Detective comeback


Have you noticed how the classic detective has made a comeback lately? It all started with Knives Out, and I'm totally here for it! I hope we get to see even more renditions of this genre soon. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandma's house, and she had an awesome collection of detective novels and thrillers. She had every single book by Agatha Christie, and I remember reading all of them in a row. They were way more exciting than the usual children's books, and they got me hooked on mysteries and whodunnits. 

This past year has been a blast for fans of the genre, with three super fun examples in Murderers in The Building, The Afterparty, and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery( yes, it came out 23 Dec 2022, but remained a solid number one all through January). Some people have criticized the latest seasons of Murderers and The Afterparty, but I really enjoyed them! Both had some seriously brilliant episodes that had me glued to the screen. The episode spoofing Wes Anderson's style was so cute, and the Douglas Sirk one featuring Elizabeth Perkins was fantastic. And adding Paul Walter Hauser after his terrific turn in Blackbird was brilliant. 

Murderers in the Building's third season was even better than season two, with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez all being hilarious. Steve is an absolute genius, and the Pickwick Triplets episode with the White Room is etched in my brain; it's definitely one of my favorite episodes this year. But the real highlight was having Meryl Streep give her masterclass; she is such a legend; her performance reminded me of her role in Bridges of Madison County—tender and natural. 

I'm crossing my fingers for more Johnson goodies next year and a new Murderers season. Unfortunately, The Aftershow got canceled, but... talking about Agatha Christie inspired phare, I'm hoping for a new White Lotus location with a full-blown murder storyline this time. The plots have been great, but they haven't had quite the same bite as a Christie novel. So, here's hoping for more classics-inspired whodunnits shows in 2024!