The OA: episode 3 LOVE/HATE

I kept flashing back to the scenes in Silence of the Lamb, with Buffalo Bill and Catherine Baker Martin sitting in that basement well, a tall order to follow....


The OA episode 3 recap

- 'The first time you wake up in prison, you think you are free. You loose your freedom many times before you believe it." Prairie is a hell of a storyteller isn't she?

- Prairie putting on that wolf sweatshirt at Costco and smiling at Nancy, who just heard from the journalist that Prairie may never get a real job. Great miscommunication, Prairie looking so happy, but Nancy realizing the journalist may be right.

-the squeaking sound of Hap cleaning the windows of the glass cages.

-the sight of Steve and Prairie in that bathtub, talking about poetry kids. The moment when Steve tried to kiss Prairie, her repulsion, made me think of a very funny moment in Fleabag, if you haven't seen that show, check it out.

- Hap asking: " Why do Russians love beets so much?" Prairie's answer: "Beets survive frost."

-after the debacle of poisoning Hap, poisoning him for real with the tomato paste, saving him, after discovering August body, stealing the Verizon bill and the ring and losing it in the stream, Prairie is crying her heart out, and girl, you cry, that was crazy. You would have figured out the door code...Anyway Homer making her do jumping jacks was the first thing that made sense coming from him. Jumping jacks all the way, baby.

-Just when everything seems to have calmed down, and Prairie seems to have accepted her fate, she asks about August and rather than listening to HAP narcissistic babbling she pushes him down the stairs.


-The ring. The whole plan revolving around that damn ring.

-Prairie saying: "I can tell you, it is really hard to kill a man." Setting us up for failure. I would have liked the scenes more that come after her statement, without the warning.

Two questions: what about the doors? And why was the water in the bathtub, where August body was floating in, also lilac? And what is the connection between the two bathtubs in this episode?