The OA Episode two: LOVE/HATE

There is one moment that I loved a lot this episode. Episode two was set-up, and explanation. In those episodes the moments are subtle, serve a purpose. Although efficient, it is also utilitarian, less stands out.
So, these are the intriguing moments, only one was crushed it.

The OA ep 2 recap


-Nancy opening the babushka in the bathroom. This is a story within a story, an identity swallowing another, and the question is, will there be more? We Have Nina, Prairie, The OA. What's next?

-Prarie finding the knife, while dreaming, explaining the tupperware box in episode one.
Her doctor immediately diagnosing her: "Prairie believes her father is still alive, and the Russian Mafia is after her...She believes these myths that make her special." Setting us up, for our own doubts. Steve and his friends try to track the story she told, them in a later scene, only finding the bus crash. Did Prairie invent everything? Part of it? Which part?

-Prairie continuing to wear lilac. Also in her dream, where she sees her father inside the head of the Statue of Liberty. It could be a simple stylistic choice, but isn't it strange, that a grown women, wears the same type of clothing a girl would. What does that mean? Is Nina invented, or is Prairie stuck?

-Prairie conducting her story hour. (no explanation on the open doors yet) wearing a doily as toga. Awesome, and underscoring the crazy theory.

-Hap immediately reacting to the violin melody. Like her father told Nina earlier in the episode at the phone: "I will recognize you anywhere, even after a few notes. " Again, very strange, why would Hap, immediately think she had a NDE. Something is seriously off. And not only with Hap.

-Hap saying everything Prarie wants to hear. "Weird is good." Letting her hear his heartbeat. It is all a bit cheesy. On purpose.

-It leads to the moment I really loved. When entering Hap's house, Prarie says.' It's so quiet here.' Suddenly your stomach drops. Scary. And then it's cold. We see the glass before she does, and she literally bumps her head against her cage. Well done.


-The emphasis on the name 'Homer' at the end. The music underscoring it, like it is some big deal. Is is really? Don't know, and for now, don't care much about this Homer. And the name...a bit on the nose, a traveller having lost his ways trying to find his way back home. I hope there is a babushka here somewhere too.