The OA episode five: LOVE/HATE

I am starting to like the episodes more and more, I guess I'm into weird shit.

The Oa recap explanation


-The movements are connected. Episode starts with and explanation, but before I can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing the answer, I am hit by how bad I feel for Prairie and Homer, even if it not said in that first scene where they practice and talk, suddenly it is obvious that they are not able to touch each other, or anybody else, outside Hap, for all those year. Awful.

-"I don't want to be examined. I prefer to remain unknown. even to myself." Smart women that Renata.  You know at this moment that Hap will get her, come on, he will, but it still feels good to see him rejected.

-This is the second time we see Hap alone.
The first was in Central Station. Now he is in Cuba. So does this prove that Prairie's story is real? But how does she know what Hap is doing, when she is not there. She is the one telling the story....

-Her storytelling takes an even stranger turn when the sheriff tells Hap, "Never thought I would see this old mine looking so homely." Remember, Nina's father had a mine. Coincidence? Of course not.

-The energy between Prairie and Homer in that first scene is building up, and gives us that lovely image of them lying against each other, with that damn glass barrier between them.

-Playing a board game with Rahim, Prairie takes the ball, and puts in on the table. The others according to her are " Off the board." and " I want it to happen to me."
So where are they, dead, or in an alternative dimension? When are they? And who are they?

-Rahim confirms the captivity happend, he has seen the evidence on Prairie. I really am starting to doubt the Russian story here. Homer, Rachel, Scott, Prairie are they the school children on the bus?

-When Homer escapes in the hotel, it looks like his death scape.

- " How old are you, Homer?" Asks Renata. " I'm not sure."
That is just sad.
But other than forgetting time due to captivity, could this be a hint?

-This episode is all about human touch, distance and closeness. Monitors and glass cages, the violence of freedom. And I forgive Homer immediately for having sex with Renata, like Prairie does.

-Rachel calling Prairie OA. Then Homer calling her that.

-Prairie calling Hap the Angel Hunter.


-Hap playing the sounds of Homer having sex so Prairie could hear it. Didn't hate it because it was a bad scene. I just hated it. What a petty envious monster he is.

-I didn't like the Christ like way Scott was lying on the floor.

But the resurrection was pretty cool.
And I love the movements. They make me think about the Haka. And the Haka rules.