The OA episode six: LOVE/HATE

This one was a short one. And this time I'm only scratching LOVE, prison tattoo style on my back...

The OA episode 6 recap


- Beach House playing over the Buck opening sequence.

-They waited for him.

-The explanation for the scars on Prairie's back. I really like that they use visuals to give it away. Here you see Homer cutting himself, blood running down his back, while the OA is scribbling away on the steamy glass.

-Hap studying the movements himself, while loud music is playing that reminds me of Broderick-Allen's brother's music in episode four. But how does the OA know that Hap is studying them?

-Another question: how does Prairie know about Leon. It's impossible.

-While Hap is telling his colleague Leon about his discoveries, the music, predicts what is going to happen, and again, like the kidnapping scene with Prairie, us knowing he will try to kill Hap is effective and scary.

-Strange how you root for a villain to survive, when he is attacked by a character you don't know. So go Hap. But why is there lilac water in the morgue slide?