The OA episode four: LOVE/HATE

THE OA episode 4 recap


-The death valley scape. It is really hard to imagine a landscape that fits the afterlife, but this one is palatable...

-The feather floating over Prairie's body after she decides to return to life by eating a bird. Yes, that is a strange sentence.

-Prairie making a gesture, while dreaming, almost like she is ingesting that bird. Was it a dream?

-"I don't think angels commit suicide." Says Jesse's sister to him about their mother. Oh, oh. that is a bad omen. Prairie insisting she and her fellow captives are angels, that doesn't bode well.

-"If we are not on her side, on who's side are we on."  Herschel talking to Nancy. I know that is not his name, but it is to me. and when Prairie rests her head on his shoulder, in the car, I completely understand. I would too.

-Steve and rocking out to Broderick-Allen's dead brother's punk music.

-Steve in the ski suit.


-Scott getting angry with Prairie, thinking she fooled them into inhaling the gas, accusing her of being a coward. " You are such a comedienne." Only realizing that she does everything he says because the gas is making them compliant. Creepy scene.

-" I realized they have limitless potential for being revived." Very creepy statement.

-Homer's death landscape looks like a psych ward. And the aquarium in it, exactly like their cages....

-The Kubrick reference, Jesse' sister naming him specifically, and later the tube chamber where Hap is doing his experiments, looking exactly like something out of 2001 a Space Odyssey. With Homer in it. Get it?

-" It sounds like the away. Oh A..."


_ Didn't like Khatun, still don't. Although this is a better clue than the away: " You are the original." Now we have to figure out the A. There are big clues throughout this time.

_Again we get a warning from Prairie: " One thing is to make a plan, another to execute it." Setting us up for failure.

All in all a very solid episode.